To help catalyze collaboration around the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations, a group of global conveners have partnered to host a series of targeted conversations that will continue at global conferences throughout 2017-2020 focused on identifying and scaling proven solutions to address the SDGs.



Have you attended a conference and mourned the squandered expertise in the room? Have you ever wished that collaborative breakthrough discussions maximized your precious time instead of scattered networking and panels peppered with a few questions? Convening 17 is the antidote. I’ve attended three Convening 17 sessions – drawing from fellow attendees at Skoll, Women Deliver, and Opportunity Collaboration - and each time I come away impressed with their ability to deliver a curated, well-facilitated, interweaving of expertise across sectors. They constantly drive the group towards the honest conversations and strategic levers that can shift systems. And, they provide valuable synthesis after the fact to help attendees and others build on the collective wisdom. These skills are urgent and essential to solve today’s complex challenges. If Convening 17 were at every conference, the pace and intelligence of cross-sector global problem solving would enter into high gear
— Jensine Larsen, Founder & CEO, World Pulse


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With our pilot last year, Convening17 hosted 9 conversations about SDG 4: Quality Education. In the Discover phase, we met at UN Week and Opportunity Collaboration to identify the urgent and important challenges within SDG 4. From those conversations we honed in on “Education for communities grappling with forced displacement” as the primary focus.

This is not the only urgent and important issue within education, but it was the one where the communities gathered had energy and focus to make change happen. At Nexus USA and Skoll World Forum in 2018 we worked to identify the root barriers holding back displaced communities from accessing quality education.

We then transitioned into the Connect phase where we met at Global Philanthropy Forum, Opportunity Collaboration USA, and Katapult Future Festival, to discuss the role of capital in advancing solutions to these barriers.

Now in 2019, our work on SDG 4: Quality Education is moving into the Scale phase, as we will be launching a prize fund to support innovations that are providing trauma informed education programs globally. Also in 2019 we are kicking off a new cycle of Convening17 focused on SDG 5: Gender Equality and SDG 14: Life Below Water. Please see the tiles below to learn more about these specific initiatives.




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