Calendar of Events

The following is a summary of Convening17 global conferences that launched this conversation in 2017, as well as conferences that will host a series of conversations addressing SDG 4: Quality Education throughout 2018.




September 18: New York City, USA

Our first dinner in NY in partnership with highlighted the importance of engaging voices that are typically not included in the conversation - those of children, parents, indigenous communities, and those with disabilities.  

Key stakeholders included foundations, funders, and social entrepreneurs.


October 15-20: Ixtapa, Mexico

Key take aways from this session at Opportunity Collaboration included the opportunities and gaps in advancing access to effective education with specific learnings on the importance of mental health support for children grappling with trauma, the importance of investing in program evaluation, and leveraging technology to increase access.

Key stakeholders included foundations, funders, and social entrepreneurs. Click below to read a summary of the session.




january 31: washington dc, usa

This session at the Nexus USA Summit kicked off the nomination cycle for organizations working in both formal and non-formal education to address delivery of quality education to communities grappling with forced displacement.

Key stakeholders include Nexus members and impact investors.



On March 1st we hosted a virtual conversation focused on identifying Innovators for the Katapult Future Festival and Yidan Education Prize and planning for key desired outcomes from Spring cross-convening conversations.

Key stakeholders include participants from previous conversations and those they refer.



We hosted a conversation at Skoll World Forum on the role that social entrepreneurs play in addressing gaps and capitalizing on opportunities to deliver quality education to displaced children around the world.  Click below to read our session summary and see a curated list of social enterprises curated from the conversation.

Key stakeholders include social entrepreneurs, corporations, and media representatives.


may 4 7:00AM-8:30AM Pacific: redwood city, usa

We hosted a breakfast conversation at the Global Philanthropy Forum on the role of philanthropy in education and providing quality education to uprooted children. We built off of the learnings from previous sessions on the root barriers and leading social enterprise innovations bridging those barriers around the world.  At GPF we focused on the role of philanthropy in systemic interventions to improve quality education to displaced children and how philanthropy could close some of the gaps identified in previous sessions. 

Key stakeholders include private foundations and philanthropists.

OC Logo.png

may 9 3:00-5:00PM Eastern: sandpiper bay, fl, usa

We hosted a conversation at Opportunity Collaboration USA on the intersection between SDG 1: No Poverty and SDG 4: Quality Education.  There is a significant challenge in the United States to provide quality education in communities grappling with forced displacement.  This interactive conversation explored the ways that education and poverty are interlinked within the context of the United States.

Key stakeholders include foundations, funders, and social entrepreneurs.

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may 14-15: oslo, norway

Katapult is a technology festival focusing on exponential technologies, impact investing, and future societies. We explored the role of technology and impact investment to create exponentially scaling solutions to the growing challenge of education in displaced communities.  We looked at the contextual challenges and investment opportunities as well as brainstormed innovations that address the 6 innovative solutions identified at Skoll World Forum.

Key stakeholders include impact investors and leaders in technical innovation.

June 20: VIRTUAL Summary Session

As we wrapped up our series of conversations for Convening17, this virtual session provided previous participants the opportunity to connect and learn about the innovations, insights, and projects to emerge from Skoll World Forum, OC US, and Katapult Future Festival.  We explored the question - how can we strategically support innovators to overcome the root barriers to quality education for uprooted children and the communities they live in?

Key stakeholders included participants from previous conversations and those they refer.