Convening 17:
Collaboration Across the Sustainable Development Goals

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The network represents a powerful community of world class conveners who bring together key stakeholders needed to address the critical challenges facing humanity. In partnership with Global Philanthropy Forum, Katapult Future Festival,, Nexus, Opportunity Collaboration, and the Skoll World Forum we hosted a cross-convening strategy around SDG 4.

With this pilot is building the playbook for hosting conversations over the course of a year that move beyond one-off conversations to support tangible action.

Why Convening?

Our current model of stand alone meetings and conferences, with separate agendas, speakers, and foci is not sufficient to create the systems level interventions required to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We need to reset our thinking to look at how collaboration and coordination across convenings can:

1. Galvanize stakeholders with a shared vision
2. Build momentum for pilots, partnerships, and projects
3. Evolve conversations to avoid starting from scratch time and time again
4. Share successes and failures to accelerate lessons learned across organizations
5. Connect human, financial, and physical capital towards better outcomes


Why Education?

Quality education is more than training teachers, increasing literacy rates, and building schools, especially when looking at children who have been forcibly displaced. From war to hurricanes to fires - there are many reasons children face displacement and disruption in their education. If we want children grappling with displacement, violence, and inequality to learn effectively we must focus on foundational support like delivering quality mental health, access to housing, water, and food. The SDGs are inextricably linked and education is the lynch pin to addressing all other challenges from poverty to climate change.

What's the Impact?

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By convening key stakeholders working on the forefront of education to ensure inclusive and quality education for all students around the world, this cross-convening strategy is helping to support an ecosystem of global education leaders who do not normally have a chance to connect or cross-pollinate. In particular, we are interested in bringing together diverse leaders to achieve the following:

  1. Connect teachers, ed-tech innovators, government leaders, capacity builders, and funders.

  2. Facilitate the organization of issue-specific and regional online conversations through our platform.

  3. Help investors deploy the flow of capital to proven technologies and intervention programs.


What's Next?

The cross-convening strategy was inaugurated in 2017 and will continue at global conferences throughout 2018 with a focus on SDG 4. The fulfillment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals is dependent on attention to all 17 SDGs, which are all inextricably linked. That is why beginning in 2019 will partner with conference organizers to advance progress on additional SDGs including SDG 5: Gender Equality, and SDG 14: Life Below Water.