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What is / are the most pressing problems or issues that the initiative addresses? Is the development cost-effective? Please provide an overview of the past and future budgets of the project or initiative, as well as the number of people who are directly involved today as employees or volunteers. Does this development adequately address the gender dimension? Please indicate the duration of the initiative to date. Is the development sustainable? Please share briefly nominee(s)' aspiration in the coming 3 years. What are the key focusing areas? What nominee(s) wish to achieve?
Please share up to 3 countries where your organization is working on their development.
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All the information shared should be in English only This attachment would serve as additional information for Judges’ review if they wish to learn more about the nominee(s) and / or the projects. Please ensure all the important things are being covered and mentioned in the 5000 words essays. File size of all attachment of any nomination should not be more than 20MB Please email the file to to be included in your application.
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Please list below the persons who may be contacted to support the nomination. A separate recommendation from at least two supporters should be attached with a nomination. For self-nomination, a minimum of three letters of support is required. Reminders : Nominators and Supporters should not be relatives of nominee(s). Once nominator has saved the contact details of the supporters and confirmed by clicking the “Invite Supporter” button, our system will send a separate email to invite supporters to submit an online recommendation to support this nomination. A designated URL will be generated for each supporter. Supporter is required to prepare the recommendation in English through the online system. He/ She needs to upload his/ her business name card for identity verification before he/ she can officially submit the recommendation. Please be confirmed that supporter will not be able to view the content of this nomination form, except the name, organization, position and title of the nominator and nominee(s). On the other hand, nominator will not be able to view the recommendation prepared by supporters. Once supporter has submitted the online recommendation, a notification email will be sent to the nominator. Nominator can also check the status of supporters’ responses at nominator home page or at Part D of each of the nomination. It is nominator’s responsibility to ensure the nomination received the minimum requirement of supporter’s recommendation. Only nominations with enough letters of support will be considered as valid entry (marked as “ready to submit” in nominator home page). Nominator is required to preview all valid entries and submit the nominations through the online system. All valid entries that have not yet submitted by nominator will not be entered for the selection and judging process. A valid nomination requires at least 2 supporters' recommendation.
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